What We Offer

We specialize in shelter and rescue dogs. We don’t turn anyone away for any reason. We have a lot of experience with aggressive, reactive, and fearful dogs. We also love those playful pups (of any age) that need some help with basic obedience.

We provide free group training to any dogs in foster homes or shelters. We love to help our rescue partners get their pups adopted. Ask how we can help and how to get your long-time residents showcased on our Facebook page!

Please call or text Erika at 908-342-8040 with any questions!

Basic Obedience (starts at $200)
~5 week sessions 
~FREE orientation class to kick off each session.
~Learn commands Sit, heel, stay, down, leave it and more!
~Show off learned skills during the Week 5 Olympics and Graduation.
~Written homework is given in each class.
~Ask us about our lifer program!

Advanced Obedience ($225)
~5 week sessions.
~Learn off-leash skills such as: down on recall, jumps, far away stays, tunnels, and much more!
~Requires mastery of all Basic I commands.

Therapy Dog Training ($225)
~5 week sessions.
~Includes Canine Good Citizen.
~Gets you and your pup ready for the therapy dog test!
~Does not include the cost of the therapy test.
~Supplements Basic I commands with skills required by Therapy Dogs International.
~Additional skills include working with crutches and walkers.
~Uses children and other dogs to assist with specific training needs.

Private Lessons (call for pricing)
~Available by request.
~Contact Erika at 908-342-8040

Canine Good Citizen Test (call for pricing)
~Available by request.
~Contact Erika at 908-342-8040