Meet the Trainers

We are a group of people who really love dogs and want to be a help for you and your pup to achieve and surpass all of your goals.

Erika Yob started with her Golden Retriever, Nico, in 2016. After seeing how much training helped her friendly but anxious pup, she brought her troubled Chow/Staffie mix, Jaxon, through. When Jaxon first started coming to classes he was not able to be around other people or other dogs. Through much hard work and dedication, Jaxon is now part of the demo dog team, has welcomed numerous fosters through his home, and loves every human he meets. Erika fell in love with training after seeing Jaxon’s transformation and began as an apprentice in early 2017. That December, after completing the apprentice program, Erika became a trainer. She absolutely loves helping and teaching others. 

Luann Wismer started with her Rottweiler, Neeko, after being kicked out of classes held by other trainers. Luann and her husband, Ted, were told their boy was aggressive and were unsure of what to do. They found Passion 4 Paws one day when visiting Affordable Pet Center. They spied on a class, brought Neeko through, and learned he is reactive, not aggressive, and how to handle that behavior. Luann quickly caught the training bug and became an apprentice. She has been a trainer with us since December of 2019. Her husband also comes by when he is able to help out with large classes.

Catherine Clendennen (Cat) started training with her fearful Plotthound mix, Malala. Malala had a very abusive beginning to her life and became fear aggressive. Cat dedicated her time week after week to the rehabilitation of Malala, who needed to trust that Cat would protect her. Malala made a lot of progress and although she was never one for pets from a stranger, she would gladly let other trainers or apprentices take the leash and walk her. Malala is a huge part of our hearts and Cat’s story. Cat became an apprentice while rehabbing Malala, and became a trainer in December of 2019.

Alison & Todd Pogirnicki, started coming through classes with their dog, Happy, and their daughter, Kim. Kim absolutely loved training Happy and is one of our protégés. Kim knows more at 9 years old than a lot of adults do! Through their dedication of bringing their daughter weekly to help out, Alison & Todd became apprentices. They welcomed Winnie into their home and brought her through training as well. They worked hard and became trainers in December of 2021.

Ali Niebell came to us in 2021 with her hound mix, Dafne. She quickly realized that our “lifer program” was necessary and we knew she had to stay. In January of 2022, Ali joined the team as an apprentice and quickly went to work learning everything she needed to know. In May, she adopted her second pup, Preston, and it was quickly obvious that her little boy had more issues than most. Ali continued to learn and grow as an apprentice, and the skills she learned from dealing with (and continuing to deal with) Preston and his quirks, she proved she is ready. Ali really excels at helping those with fearful pups. Ali became a trainer in December of 2022.

We have other trainers as well, that do more work behind the scenes like volunteering with rescues and assisting with in homes and questions. Dave Stubits, Amanda & Travis Kern are important parts of the team as well. They don’t make it to classes often but are always a phone call away. With all the extra hands and dedicated hearts, Passion 4 Paws is able to help give every student the individual attention they may need.